Our customers aren't just salsa lovers...they're part of our Renfro family.

As a 75 year-old family business, there is nothing more important to us than our customers. We love receiving your letters, emails and videos with testimonials, recipes using our products, suggestions, questions and more.

Our Customers

Here is a sample of the many letters we receive each year singing the praises of Mrs. Renfro's products! We'd like to give a big "Thank You" to all our fans out there-we appreciate every one of you!

I just had the Jalapeño Green Salsa on my baked potato and grilled chicken-it was very tasty and smooth-no preservative after-taste like some. I enjoyed reading about your history-a real American success story based on hard work and quality products-and at the right price! I intend to immediately try others in your line-and send a gift box to my brother in New York!

~ James F. of Houston, Texas

I'm 55 years old, and have never written or called any manufacturer or retailer before to comment (good or bad) on a product.

I spent 17 years of my adult life in the Los Angeles basin where I developed quite a taste for Mexican cooking. Particularly "hot" Mexican cooking. For the last 13 years I've been living, with my wife (who has the same penchant) here in Ohio. Good Mexican restaurants are few and far between, here. Luckily my wife is an excellent cook. The problem is what she has to work with. The hot sauces and salsa available are ALL lacking. Especially the ones that are supposed to be "hot". They're either pure fire with no flavor, or not "hot".

Last week she picked up a jar of Mrs. Renfro's Habanero Salsa at the local Kroger supermarket. WOW! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Finally a "hot" salsa with outrageous flavor. We'll be buying plenty more, and are anxious to try your other products.

~ Bart C. of Wilmington, Ohio

Got sent on business to Vermont. Went to the grocery store to buy bananas for breakfast. Strolled through the salsa aisle and saw Raspberry Chipotle Salsa. I said to myself, "I like raspberries, I like chipotle, I bet I'll love this!" Man was I right. I dusted off the jar in one night. I couldn't get it into my mouth fast enough!

~ Dan S. of  Chicago Heights, Illinois

I tried Renfro's Peach Salsa for the first time and I am in love... I have tried [competitor's] peach salsa and I like it enough, but it does not taste half as good as yours. The texture is perfect, and the combination of ingredients make it taste and smell yummy. I really don't like a lot of other salsas at all... Please do not change a thing about this!!! Love it, love it, love it!!! I plan to buy much more of this salsa.

~ Brenda S. of Jessup, Maryland

Wow!!! I am so impressed by the incredible quality of your Black Bean Salsa!!! As a cardiovascular surgery nurse practitioner I became very interested in healthy eating as a way to avoid heart disease while enjoying one of life's greatest gifts-good food. I stumbled upon Mrs. Renfro's Black Bean Salsa during a search for the best black bean salsa in our city (so many health benefits, so much flavor and texture!). My taste buds exploded with excitement due to the great flavor of your salsa! The texture is rich and appealing, and even your packaging is charming! We (my family) go through seven or eight jars of Black Bean Salsa each week (I smother it on chicken breasts, add it to salad dressing, and toss cooked vegetables with it).

Thank you for this perfectly lovely product!!!

~ Patricia V. of Sioux Falls, South Dakota

They just started selling your products at the Giant Eagle in my hometown. Let me just say that people are going crazy for your salsas! I bought 3 jars and took them back to my dorm this week, and now all my friends are crazy about them. I especially loved the Mango Habanero, it's amazing and exactly what I've always wanted out of salsa. Your Chipotle Corn and Raspberry Chipotle are good too. Keep up the great work!

~ Clarisa A. of Hiram, Ohio

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I still remember my first taste of Dixieland Style Hot Chow-Chow, which is pretty amazing since I was only 6 years old and I am 47 now. I was at a neighbor's house and immediately told my Mom how much I loved it. She started buying it for me and I never ate a hot dog or hamburger at home without it. Lately I have been having more and more trouble finding it in the grocery stores. I was beginning to panic when I found your website. I ordered it on Thursday and on Monday-YEA!-it arrives. I hope you will always be around because I can't imagine not having hot chow-chow in my fridge and pantry (I always have a back-up jar).

~ Marty M. of Round Rock, Texas

I would just like to day how much my wife and I love your Nacho Sliced Jalapeño Peppers. They are truly the best we have ever had. We just wanted to take the time to say thank you for a great product made right here in the U.S.A.

~ Robert F. of Newport, Michigan

My wife bought your product by mistake, and it happened to be the best mistake she ever made, the Hot Tomato Relish is awesome. My son and I combine chow-chow and the relish and you can't beat it!

~ Jason Z. of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

Many years ago I had my best meal ever in Austin, Texas. Today I had some of your Smoky Roasted Salsa in cheese and I asked where it was made. Best tasting salsa I've ever had. I commented, "It figures, it's from Texas". LOVE your food.

~ Robert F. of Hyndman, Pennsylvania

I think Renfro's Mild Chow-Chow is as good as my mother and grandmother made when I was a child. I have been a fan of yours a long time. I eat it on beans, chili and macaroni and just whatever is in front of me. Keep up the good cooking and I'll keep buying.

~ Gary C. of Amarillo, Texas

I just tried the Green Salsa for the first time and it is EXCELLENT! Thanks for making such a wonderful product. Glad to hear it's a family company with high standards.

~ Maryanne J. of Boston, Massachusetts

I received a jar of Mrs. Renfro's Habanero Salsa a few weeks back as a gift. I was intrigued by the "Habanero" part, especially knowing the habanero's reputation for hotness. The salsa blew me away! This is the best jar of salsa I've ever had! It's an amazing blend of heat and flavor. I think I actually shed a tear when I finished it. Thanks for the great product.

~ Nialle T. of Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)