Our Company

Are you still family-owned?

Yes! We were founded by Mr. and Mrs. George Renfro in 1940 and are still owned and run by their kids, Jack and Linda Renfro, and by their grandkids – including Doug, Becky and James, who now run the day-to-day operations. Read our story

Are you made in America?

Yes! We cook and bottle all our products in Fort Worth, Texas, although some of our ingredients come from other states or countries.

Why is it “Mrs. Renfro” or “Mrs. George Renfro” instead of her first name?

It’s what she wanted! Our Mam-Maw did not like her first name, Arthurine, and preferred to be called by her married name. Read our story

Where did you get all these awesome photos?

These are real photos of our real family, curated by our second-generation owner and unofficial family historian, Aunt Linda Renfro.

family photo

Do you do co-packing?

Yes! We do contract packing, developing new recipes for some clients and producing existing ones for others. Our production capacity for co-packing is limited, however. Contact us and we’ll put the right person in touch with you to discuss whether we can meet your needs.

Our Products

Where can I find your product?

For in-store, here’s a list of our retail partners. Online, you can order directly through our website (fulfilled at our Fort Worth location). We do not have a storefront at our headquarters at this time.

Do you sell your product in my city?

We sell in all 50 U.S. states and over 30 countries. Sadly, we can’t tell you for sure whether a particular product will be stocked at your favorite grocery store location. But we do provide a list of retailers here.

What flavor is your hottest?

Both Ghost Pepper Salsa and Carolina Reaper Salsa reach our hottest available heat level of Hot2. Opinions vary as to which is actually hottest. While the Carolina Reaper pepper is currently considered the world’s hottest pepper available in commercial quantities, the amount of peppers we include in each recipe (as well as the particular pepper harvest) affects how hot the final product is. Try them both and tell us what you think!

Do you have any kosher products?

Yes, we use special packing facilities for both our Nacho Sliced Jalapeno Peppers and our Sweet & Hot Jalapeno Peppers, which are certified Kosher by Orthodox Union.

Why did you change your labels?

We’d had our old labels for a couple of decades, and it was time for a refresh, with a design that would be easier to spot on the shelf and easier-to-read product names.

The ingredient list changed on this salsa. Did you change the recipe?

No. There were recently some changes in regulations for how ingredients are listed, so we updated our labels to match. However, the type and amount of ingredients has not changed.

This salsa tastes different than I remember. Did you change the recipe?

We haven’t changed any of our recipes! If a salsa tastes different to you, there may be a few reasons:

  1. Slight variation between batches: Different harvests of fruits and vegetables may taste different. Because we cook in relatively small batches, this could make the flavor vary slightly between different jars.
  2. Other foods you are eating: Some foods – such as pine nuts, pineapple and fresh artichokes – can affect your taste buds. Wait a day and try the salsa again with a different food.
  3. Did the jar go bad? Make sure the seal at the top of the jar is still depressed before you open it for the first time. Make sure you refrigerate it after opening and it is still within the “best by” date printed on the upper part of the jar. If the jar doesn’t meet all three of these requirements, it may have expired – please don’t eat any more of it!

How do I open a salsa jar?

There are a few different methods for opening a tough-to-open jar.

  1. Make sure you are twisting counterclockwise.
  2. Make sure your hands are dry and not oily.
  3. Use a jar opener or rubber jar gripper.
  4. Tap the sides of the lid with a butter knife.
  5. Run the lid under hot water.

Do you have coupons?

Most of our coupons are offered through partnerships with particular retailers. We recommend checking with your favorite retailer to see if they are offering any deals. Here’s a list of our retail partners.


How many carbs are in your salsa?

It depends on the salsa. Our salsas run between 2 and 4 grams of carbohydrates per serving (2 tablespoons), which is about 1% of your recommended daily value. Check each product’s page for its detailed nutrition facts.

How many calories are in chips and salsa?

It depends on the salsa and the chips. Our salsas run between 10 and 15 calories per serving (2 tablespoons). A typical serving of corn chips is about 140 calories (for 10 chips). That’s going to run you about 155 calories total. Not bad.

Is salsa good for weight loss?

Our salsa has lots of flavor and very few calories per serving, making it a great way to jazz up your meals while sticking to your diet.

Is salsa keto-friendly?

Yes! Our salsa is very low-carb, and its main ingredients – such as tomatoes, onions, peppers and spices – are all keto-approved. The ketogenic diet may limit the fruitier salsas – such as Peach and Mango Habanero – although those only contain 3-4 grams of carbohydrates per serving.

Product Safety

How long does salsa last in the fridge after opening?

Salsa that has been opened but properly refrigerated will typically last about a month. Unopened, a jar will typically stay at peak freshness for up to two years.

Does salsa need to be refrigerated?

Yes! Salsa should be refrigerated after opening.

How do you tell if salsa is bad?

Assuming your salsa was still sealed when you bought it (with the “button” on the lid depressed), you keep it refrigerated after opening and it is within one month of opening, it should be fresh.

You can try these tests to check freshness:

  • First, a visual test: Do you see anything fuzzy growing there? If so, throw it away or compost it.
  • Second, smell test: Does it smell off? If so, toss it.
  • Third, taste test: If it passes the first two tests, take a small taste. If it tastes odd, toss it.

Of course, as always, when in doubt, toss it out.

What can you make with salsa?

The possibilities are endless when cooking with salsa. You can use it as a marinade on fish or meat; as a dressing on salad; or as flavoring in eggs, burgers, pastas, soups and more. We even have dessert recipes with some of our sweeter salsas! Check out our recipes

Can I substitute salsa for enchilada sauce?

Yes! Salsa is usually chunkier and more tomatoey than enchilada sauce, which is thinner and more chile-based, but the flavor still goes great in enchiladas. You could pour any of our salsas in a blender or food processor to create a similar consistency. We recommend using our Green Jalapeño Salsa, which is jalapeño-based.

How can you use mango salsa?

The fruitiness of mango salsa is particularly good with fish (for instance, as a marinade or topped on fish tacos), but it can go well with many things. Check out some of the recipes we recommend to try with our Mango Habanero Salsa.

Where can I find no-cilantro salsa?

Cilantro is a controversial love-it-or-hate-it flavor. For the folks who hate cilantro, our delicious Garlic Salsa is cilantro-free.

What are the Scoville ratings for your salsa?

Scoville ratings are mostly used for chile peppers and extreme hot sauces; not for salsas such as ours. Also, heat levels can vary depending on the particular harvest of peppers used in the batch. We simply use the broader heat levels of Mild, Medium, Medium Hot, Hot and Hot2 to categorize our products so you can find one you like. Many chiliheads with high heat tolerances have found our Hot2 salsas, such as Ghost Pepper and Carolina Reaper, to be spicy enough to make them sweat.

How can I cool the spice?

To cool your mouth after spicy food, try dairy – cow’s milk, cheese, yogurt or ice cream containing the natural dairy protein casein. Casein binds to the spicy molecules (capsaicin) and helps wash them out of your mouth. A piece of bread may also help to soak up the spiciness. What won’t help: water. It can make the heat worse by simply moving the capsaicin around your mouth. Milk alternatives – such as soy, almond and coconut – will not help, either.


How do I get the gift box?

It’s the standard box we ship all our orders in! All you have to do is order through our website, and you will automatically get either the 2- or the 4-jar shipper (depending on how much you order).

Is there a minimum I have to order?

Yes, you need to order at least two jars when ordering from our website. You’ll receive free shipping and a free gift box with your order!

What if I order six jars? Will that still be in a gift box?

Yes! We will pack your order in our 2-pack gift box and our 4-pack gift box, then pack both boxes into one big master box as one shipment.

Is there an amount I can order to receive free shipping?

Yes! Order any 2-jar or 4-jar pack and you’ll automatically receive free shipping in our special gift box.

Is there a section where I can write a greeting message?

Yes! Just look for the “Write a Greeting” field when you review your order.

Do you include a receipt in the gift box?

No, we do not, since a receipt automatically goes to the email you provided at the beginning of your order.

Can I get a brochure of all the items you make?

Yes! We include one inside each gift box.

Will I get notifications on my package arrival?

Yes! You will receive notifications at the email you provided.

Do you send to APO addresses?

Yes, we do! To make it work: Please enter a physical address (such as your billing address) in the “Shipping Address” field. Then, write your APO address in the comment/note box. Side note: Thank you for your service!

My order was damaged.

We’re so sorry! Please contact our customer service so we can make this right. Fill out this form anytime or call 817-336-3849 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. CST.