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Hard to find in stores

Love this chow chow. My husband and I (and extended family) grew up in Texas eating this on black eyed peas. And lots of other beans and peas.
The problem is I can no longer find it at Kroger or Walmart.
I used to pick up 2 and 3 jars at a time.
Please put it back in as many stores as possible!!!
Ideally Kroger and Walmart.

Love Mrs Renfros

I have been eating this for so many years and love it on pinto beans.
When I can find it I give my sister the hot kind. She eats it on everything!
The problem I have is I live in Fort Worth so you would think it would be easy to find! Wrong! I can’t find it in any store Central Market is the only place and I don’t live close to one. I
Have searched and searched they tell you you can buy it anywhere but that’s not right they need to talk to the stores and get them to carry it.
But I do love it

Rebecca DeShong
Incredibly delicious!

I have been buying this for years. It tastes exactly like my Tennessee grand-mother's. Authentic!
It's good on beans, with a few other vegetables.
And it's great with burritos!

Best chow chow outside Momma's

I grew up on Mother's chow chow. Last batch of hers was in 1999. We ate it on hot dogs and red (pinto) beans and an occasional sammich all my life. I stumbled on Mrs. Renfro's Chow Chow (mild) earlier this year. It is the only decent and best tasting chow chow I had since my last jar of Momma's got emptied back in early 2000s. Thank you, Mrs. Renfro for such a goof replacement; I though I would have to finish my life without ever tasting something this good again.

Best Chow Chow Ever

I'm always looking for Mrs Renfro's Chow Chow ever since I was first introduced to it in 1985 . Anton's PoBoys uses a Chow Chow, however I'm not sure whose, so I was on the hunt. I started buying Mrs Renfro's due to the fact that this was the only Chow Chow I found on the market for the local consumer. I can no longer find it in my local big box supermarkets so I came directly to the source. This Chow Chow is the best I ever had. Great on my own Po Boys. It adds a lot to any sandwich. I love Mrs Renfro's Chow Chow and so does my whole family. Now I no longer look for this product at the markets, I buy direct and love the ease. I just sit back and wait for it to arrive.