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Hot and spicy

Love them!

A favorite on repeat!!!

Love these. Just keep ordering again and again. I put them in just about everything.
The box always gives me a chuckle.

living in and area that doesn't carry Nacho Sliced Jalapeno Peppers

Three years ago we moved to Kentucky. As I explored the local grocery store I couldn't find your Nacho Sliced Jalapeno Peppers on the shelves. There are some Mrs Renfro's options but not those delicious peppers. I had to try other choices, I eventually tried all the available brands. None of the others were crunchy, they were just limp and didn't have the flavor I expected! That's when I started ordering them off of your website. I have bragged about them to locals who couldn't believe that there is that much difference. Gave one jar to a contractor doing work and the house and the next day he came in and said, "you're right, they are the best jalapeno peppers I have ever had". He told me his wife ate them one by one out of the jar like candy. SO thank you for offering them from your website!! I am a customer for life

Warms me up in the cold winter

I am not sure I could survive the cold NH winters without these jalapenos! I use them whenever I can add them into meals. On burgers, in stews and soups, anything tex-mex, chili, corn bread, I can't list it all! I can't thank you enough for the consistent quality and taste of these. My kitchen feels naked if I ever run out!

5 stars isn’t enough!!!

I am so sad that my local grocery store no longer carries this. Doesn’t stop that I order it in hordes! I put this on everything. Eggs, hoagies, brisket, salmon, my bank account! The best pickled jalapeños ever!